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Autism & Sleep Guide
  • Autism & Sleep Guide

    Sleep is crucial for the overall well-being and development of every child, including those on the autism spectrum. However, sleep challenges are commonly experienced by autistic children, which can impact both them and their families.

    After chatting with Autism North East about the challenges families with an Autism diagnosis face, we decided a guide to support you through some of those sleepy challenges may be a useful tool. I created this PDF guide to walk you through some suggestions for managing sleep alongside Autism. You can download the 60 page guide below!

    In this guide, we will explore responsive, compassionate, and gentle approaches to help your autistic child, aged 4 months to 5 years, establish healthy sleep habits and experience more restful nights. By understanding their unique needs and using tailored strategies, you can support your child in achieving better sleep.


    If you are working with Autism North East you are eligabe to recieve this product for free. Please contact them for an exclusive discount code.

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