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About Us

The Little Sleep Company

Here at The Little Sleep Company, we are pretty passionate about helping families get the sleep they deserve! 

Which is why, our mission is to empower families and businesses to achieve healthier, more restful lives through tailored sleep support. We are dedicated to providing compassionate guidance, education, and support, ensuring that every child and adult experiences the transformative benefits of quality sleep.

Our Founder

Driven by a commitment to help others discover the profound benefits of restful nights, Imogen poured her expertise and dedication into becoming a sleep hub for parents and businesses.

With a background in Psychology and nannying, Imogen fused her knowledge with a deep understanding of the importance of healthy sleep habits. Her unwavering dedication led to the inception of The Little Sleep Company, a sanctuary dedicated to guiding families and organisations towards a more rejuvenating and fulfilling sleep experience.


Our Clients


Our Vision

Our vision at The Little Sleep Company is a world where families have access to the support they need to thrive, where businesses understand the importance of sleep wellness, and where our expertise serves as the cornerstone for a society that values and prioritises healthy sleep habits. We aspire to be the trusted partner guiding individuals and organisations toward a more well-rested and vibrant future.

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