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Give the gift of sleep to your loved ones 

Holistic Sleep Support 

Holistic sleep support draws upon scientific evidence to compassionately support you to help your child achieve their biologically best sleep based upon their age and stage. Together we work to enhance your whole families sleep by understanding your expectations, goal setting and establishing achievable routines. Holistic sleep support is focused on the caregiver and child bond and is always fully responsive.

"I support parents by expanding their toolbox so they can learn to better manage and cope with their journey."

Why The Little Sleep Company? 
Sleeping Baby

A truly gentle approach

The Little Sleep Company uses a truly gentle, effective and science based approaches to help both you and your child to sleep better both day and night!  

We always listen to your priorities and respect your choices, taking into consideration the whole picture.

Mother and Baby

Tailored to you!

Each and every child is different and here at The Little Sleep Company we treat them that way! Getting to know you and your child is a key part of the process for us. Understanding your child's  temperament, love language and your parenting style helps us to formulate a plan best suited to your little family!


"All this makes it even more refreshing to me that you’ve come up with ideas and techniques and tools that I hadn’t thought of or even heard of"




Take a look at our helpful resources and frequently asked questions to find your query or contact us!

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