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16 Questions to ask yourself about your child's sleep space.

A reminder to check in with your child's sleep space to make them love bedtime!

I get it, the overwhelm of managing school runs, bathtimes, making more than beans on toast at least one night a week, and remembering to restock the nappy bag, often means forgetting to check in with sleep environments.

But that's okay.

In fact, it's pretty normal that we are so swept up by the wave of life we can sometimes end up in a pickle with sleep before we even know how it happened.

So, I have created a list of questions to help you to see your child's sleep space with fresh eyes and curiosity.

These questions are aimed at a child that is now in their own room and is perhaps having a confidence wobble about sleep. Maybe you are just about to transition your toddler's room, or are in the process of moving house. Whatever the circumstances it's never a bad thing to ask yourself these questions!

My 16 questions to make their bedroom the perfect place for sleep

  1. Is the space clean and organised?

  2. Is the room kept at a constant temperature? (16 -20 degrees)

  3. Is the cot or bed clear of toys (Safe sleep)?

  4. Does discipline occur in this room?

  5. How light is the room during sleep times? Can it be darker?

  6. Do you have the option for low light during bath and wind down time?

  7. Do you spend time connecting with your child in their space to create feelings of safety and connectedness?

  8. Do you have a nice winddown time in their room, does the length suit your child's temperament?

  9. Can you make your child feel more connected by adding pictures of loved ones beside their bed or on the wall?

  10. Does your child have some autonomy over their space?

  11. Does their space align with them and make them excited to be there?

  12. Could you control the noise in the room better?

  13. Are there any dark shadows or corners that could seem intimidating?

  14. Do we talk about worrying topics before sleep time?

  15. Are things accessible for them that they (or you!) may want or need?

  16. Is there anything else that might make feeling safe and comfortable to sleep difficult?

Hopefully, some of these questions led you to think differently about your child's sleep environment and now can give you some idea of ways you may be able to improve things a bit. Whilst they seem trivial to us, they make a real impact on our little people!

For more sleep support book a free discovery call with me now.


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