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Why Your Child NEEDS a Bedtime Activity Basket.

Bedtime activity baskets are a great way to move away from scree time and towards creative and independent play allowing you to either get the jobs done or connect with them!

Let's look at the science:

Screen time is a great tool and one that let be honest is a great ally in parenting! But if you are looking for ways to move away from screen time pre-bed but are struggling to find something to keep your busy little one occupied with, this could be for you!

Screen time in the two hours leading up to bedtime has been found to impact sleep quality and duration, so as soothing as it can be that blue light can be a hindrance to us! Not to mention the turn-off tantrums that come with screen time...

Bedtime Activity Basket Ideas:

For young children (2-5 years old):

  • Calming activities:

  • Sensory bottles with glitter, water beads, or calming colors.

  • Soft, cuddly toys for snuggles.

  • Calming music CDs or nature sounds.

  • Simple puzzles or matching games.

  • Quiet counting books.

  • Storytelling:

  • Classic bedtime stories.

  • Story prompts or cards to spark the imagination.

  • Puppets or finger puppets for interactive storytelling.

  • Flashlight and a cosy reading nook.

  • Creative:

  • Crayons and colouring books with calming themes (oceans, forests, etc.).

  • Playdough or modelling clay for quiet sculpting.

  • Stickers and sticker books for creative expression.

  • Simple drawing prompts or stencils.

For older children (6-10 years old):

  • Quiet reading:

  • Chapter books appropriate for their reading level.

  • Graphic novels or comics with calming storylines.

  • Poetry books or collections of riddles.

  • Journal and pens for writing down thoughts and dreams.

  • Independent activities:

  • Building sets with calming color palettes.

  • Origami paper and instructions for folding calming shapes.

  • Sudoku or other logic puzzles.

  • Coloring mandalas or other intricate patterns.

  • Calming crafts:

  • Sand art bottles with calming colors.

  • Yarn and simple knitting or crocheting projects.

  • Painting with watercolors or finger paints.

  • Building calming structures with Legos or building blocks.

For all ages:

  • Relaxation tools:

  • Guided meditation apps or audio recordings.

  • Deep breathing exercises cards or prompts.

  • Scented bath bombs or calming essential oils.

  • Star projector or nightlight for a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Family bonding:

  • Deck of family-friendly card games.

  • Board games with cooperative gameplay.

  • Singing favorite songs together.

  • Sharing funny stories or memories.

Additional tips:

  • Involve your child in choosing and adding items to the basket.

  • Rotate items regularly to keep it interesting.

  • Consider their individual interests and needs when selecting activities.

  • Set a clear bedtime routine that includes using the basket.

  • Focus on creating a calming and positive bedtime environment.

Bedtime Routine baskets:

on the theme of baskets, you might like to create a bedtime routine basket, pop in spare nappies, wipes, creams, books and PJ's. Anything that will assist with a smoother bedtime transition can be a great way to prepare and store all your sleep paraphernalia.

It can be a useful tool for little people to engage with and signal that sleep time is approaching.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a personalised bedtime baskets for your child!


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