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6-18 months:  Little Sleep Handbook
  • 6-18 months: Little Sleep Handbook

    6-18 Months: Little Sleep Handbook


    Conquer the cuddles and conquer the chaos! The 6-18 months stage is packed with milestones, meltdowns, and endless energy.


    This handbook is your survival guide, packed with tips and tricks to navigate the exciting (and sometimes exhausting) world of having a 6-18 month old!


    Here's what you'll discover:

    • Sleep Savvy Secrets: Refine your sleep strategies to handle night wakings, early mornings, and those tricky naps.
    • Decoding the Diet Drama: Explore picky eater solutions and navigate the ever-changing world of early days nutrition.
    • Temper Tantrum Tamers: Uncover the hidden messages behind meltdowns and develop effective techniques for managing big emotions.
    • The Sensory Superpower: Harness the power of sensory play to fuel your toddler's imagination, learning, and development.
    • Understanding Your Tiny Tornado: Learn to interpret your little one's evolving temperament and communication style.
    • Building Big Adventures: Discover fun and engaging activities to foster curiosity, creativity, and connection.


    Benefits for you:

    • Sleep: Say goodbye to completely sleepless nights with advanced sleep strategies tailored for 6-18 month-olds.
    • Nourish a healthy explorer: Guide your picky eater towards a balanced and delicious diet.
    • Become a tantrum whisperer: Understand the why behind the tantrums and equip yourself with tools to navigate emotional outbursts calmly and effectively.
    • Unleash the inner playmate: Spark endless fun and laughter with engaging sensory activities that your baby will love.
    • Bridge the communication gap: Build a deeper connection with your child by deciphering their unique communication style.
    • Embrace the wonder-filled world: Fuel your babies adventurous spirit and watch them blossom into curious and confident explorers.


    Ready to transform those tantrums into connection? Grab your copy of the 6-18 Months Little Sleep Handbook today and unlock the secrets to a joyful, enriching, and connected journey with your little one!

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