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Little Sleeper

Hands on support

  • 350 British pounds

Service Description

The Little Sleeper Package offers tired parents a helping hand in working through their families sleep issues, promoting positive mental and physical health of both you and your little ones. Good sleep and a happy home is about more than when your child goes to bed. Taking into consideration all the factors of personal and family life can help us to ease the pressure and recalibrate that parent work and life balance. Restoring some peace and improving sleep issues to ease the pressure that is caring for little ones! This package is best suited for children aged 5 months to 5 years Includes: - Thorough assessment of a sleep diary and detailed review of a comprehensive questionnaire. - A 90 minute consultation call (via video or phone). Its simply a friendly chat at a time of your choosing to listen to your experience, understand your family and what you would like to achieve through sleep support - A detailed and completely personalised sleep plan covering all the areas of concern to improve attachment, biologically best sleep practices, relieve parental pressure and introduce truly gentle and responsive techniques that allow you to support your child to better sleep. - 3 weeks of unlimited Whatsapp support (9am-8pm Mon- Sat) so that you have on hand support throughout your day to coach you through wind down time, meltdowns and challenging settles. - 2x 30 minute review calls to use whenever you feel you need it most to assess and improve your little ones sleep situation, to discuss moving on plans and tie up any loose ends or concerns.

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