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Give the gift of sleep to your loved ones 

Why The Little Sleep Company? 
Sleeping Baby

A truly gentle approach

The Little Sleep Company uses a truly holistic gentle, effective and science based approaches to help both you and your child to sleep better both day and night!  

We always listen to your priorities and respect your choices.

Mother and Baby

Tailored to you!

Each and every child is different and here at the little sleep company we treat them that way! Getting to know you and your child is a key part of the process for us. Understanding your child's   temperament and your parenting style helps us to formulate a plan best suited to your little family!

Book a free 15 minute call 

Begin your sleep journey with a free consultation, bring your cup of tea and share your sleep issues in an open and empathetic environment, to find out how The Little Sleep Company fits into your sleep journey! 


Bespoke Sleep Packages 

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Little Snoozer  


This is for families looking for guidance tailored to their little one, all the information placed into your hands so you can work at the sleep training independently. 


Little Sleeper 


People often say that some babies are just born bad sleepers, but here at The Little Sleep company we know this isn't the case! These children simply don't know how to sleep well yet! On hand text is available to guide you through naps and bedtimes, to unlock your little ones sleep potential. 

Little Sleeper is one of our most popular packages. 

Little Sleeper Feet pic.png
Holding fingers all tucked up package.png

All tucked up 


Sleep deprivation can have a lasting impact on relationships, mood and health. Access to deeper support, can help to create brilliant foundations this package is for families who want a more intimate level of support.


Persist Package 

Continued support 

The Persist package can be added to any of The Little Sleep companies packages. For a prolonged and consistent helping hand with sleep wherever that journey may take you. 


Baby Lying Down
Playing with White Balloons

Sleep On-demand


This is for families who want self paced online learning! A series of videos and a resource pack crammed full of tips to guide your family through sleep 



For when you need it most


Tailored to your families lifestyle and sleep needs


Research based advice


To get you back on track

Siblings in White

"All this makes it even more refreshing to me that you’ve come up with ideas and techniques and tools that I hadn’t thought of or even heard of"



Take a look at our helpful resources and frequently asked questions to find your query or contact us!

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